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The 1 in 3 Factor

That's right. A full third of WoW players regularly purchase gold. Something to think about - right? Now, whether or not you fall in to this category, nobody wants to pay over the odds.

That's why we've launched our WOW Gold Price Comparison service.

- The new version runs on AJAX to update you in real time with more data from more sellers. We're very proud of it, check it out, and we hope it's worth a bookmark!

All Sellers Are NOT Equal

As long as there's been real money trading (RMT) there've been scamsters. This is an unfortunate fact of life, and it goes back far longer than WoW has even been in existance. So you'll prolly be quite happy to know that we've tested all of these sellers out, and that we monitor them all. Complaints can be made to us, and we take them extremely seriously.

How to Spend that WoW Gold?

Spending your new World of Warcraft wealth can be challenging. ;). You poor, poor people. Lol. Here's our top guide on what to do with excess dosh.

  • A Mount. This goes without saying! Your first mount is available at level 40, costing 80g, (72g if you've achieved honored reputation with your major-city faction.) In addition, you need to purchase riding skill, which will set you back a further 20g (18g if honored).

  • An EPIC Mount! When you hit 60, it's time to metaphorically trade in your wheels. Epic mounts are classed as "very fast mounts", and cost an honored player 900g a piece! If you get exhalted reputation, you can purchase the mount from another of your allied races for the same fee.

  • A SPECIAL Mount! Seeing a theme here? There are various speciality mounts available. These are the same speed as the other epic (level 60) mounts, but are cool looking and unique. PVP mounts, a special Wintersaber mount (Alliance only) and Alterac Valley faction mounts are available and obtainable.

  • EPIX!11(one). Ok, so again you probably worked this one out on your own -- but remember that Tier 1 sets are Bind on Pickup, and that some guilds will let you tag along with their raid and loot excess epics for a price.

  • Enchantments. For some reason, people tend to forget this one. Enchants are an absolutely uber way to enhance any gear. The top ones don't come cheap, but they're so very worth it.

  • Reputation. World of Warcraft gold can be used to buy many of the most desirable reputations in WoW. Here's our list of the best ways to get rep in the Auction House!

  • Master a Tradeskill. Tradeskills are good to have, and provide an inexplicable feeling of accomplishment. Gold goes a long way in helping these skills a long, and you can also get your hands on some good recipes in the Auction House. Crafting can be an investment, not just a money-sink, or you could learn engineering, which has some direct advantages only available to the player with the skill.

  • Twink an Alt. It just somehow seems so much easier the second time around, doesn't it? Lol. It certainly feels fun to take on a level20-29 WSG team all by one's self. ;)

  • Treat a Friend. Can you imagine how good it'd feel if a World of Warcraft friend thought enough of you to treat you to a really neat item, or help you get your mount? Well, you could be on the giving end of such treatment. This is not just for members of the opposite sex guys...

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