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Lvls 61 - 65. Killing Phinny for Loot or Epic Drops. (Rating: 6.364)

Lvls 57 - 65. Plat Farming in Acrylia Caverns (solo) (Rating: 6.941)

Lvls 61 - 65. Farming plat and massive tribute points in Velks (Rating: 4.667)

Lvls 57 - 65. Farming CoM: Reavers + Neh Ashir (Epic Piece) (Rating: 9.779)

Lvls 61 - 65. Exploring Chardok B - Exp and Loot (Rating: Not Rated)

Lvls 55 - 65. Farming in GoD - Natimbi (Rating: 6)

Lvls 61 - 64. The Temple of Droga (Rating: 8.667)

WoW Gold Farming: The Linen Cupboard

WoW Gold Farming: Invest in BagSpace

WoW: Gathering Profits

The Perfect Gold Farming Alt

We need your guides and advice! - Write a hunting/quest guide for fellow mages, just email it to us at Please include what levels it would be appropiate for.