Gold Farming Tips: The Linen Cupboard

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Farming gold in WoW can be hard, but here's an interesting tip: sometimes the easiest things can be surprisingly profitable. Think about supply and demand: for example, farming wool may actually be more profitable than farming runecloth.

Wool is something that people need when skilling up tradeskills, particularly tailoring and first aid. Yet this far into the game, the supplies are a little limited. However, a level 60 could get wool incredibly quickly. This is just an example, but these little gems often go un-noticed. However, it's important to point out that while these things may be a good earner, they're also a brief earner! You'll probably max out the demand for something like this in under an hour with a level 60 character.

So what kind of supplies could you rummage up? At the time of writing, it is literally impossible to purchase ingredients used in even literally the most basic cooking recipe, so any level 60 who's bored and decides to start cooking, would have to find these ingredients themselves. I wouldn't be surprised if you could farm ingredients in 1 hour for this that will sell for 100 gold (over time -- these things will never sell quickly, but they should sell consistantly at a trickle).

Pretty much any tradeskill ingredient not on the auction house is worth getting hold of. A stack of something obscure might take 20 days to sell, but if you get 20 stacks of something obscure, you'll quickly find that you're very nicely set up. Just read through the recipes!

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