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There is a serious case for anyone who's very serious about farming to have two gathering skills as their tradeskill options. This means two out of the following three: mining, skinning and herbalism.

The argument is that you can have anything which you need crafting crafted by either your other characters, or by someone else, usually inexpensively. These crafting skills also rarely equate directly to financial gain. If they do - again, you can powerlevel an alt in these skills.

Gathering skills, however, are a constant source of money. Every time you leave a skinnable mob intact, or pass by a herb or metal vein, you're losing out. It's like standing income as you play the game.

Out of the three, I would say that herbalism is the most important to take. The others have their uses, but there is a finite demand: there's only going to be as much of these materials needed as crafters require. However, potions are expendable and need constantly replenishing, and so go for higher prices.

These higher prices do involve auction house selling and such hassle, however, but this is just one of those things you should really put up with. It's worth it. Skinning is the only skill where you can often simply vendor things, and even here the AH will pay you better.

But don't just take a gathering skill, take it properly: this means having a herb bag for your herbalism, having all necessary tools to pick herbs/mine/skin on your character at all times, having your tracking radar turned on constantly (and it's easy to forget), and investing the time into levelling these skills if they're not as good as they should be.

Doing it properly may even (in some extreme cases) mean having a pair of enchanted +skill gloves or whatever is required also. If this is the case - make the investment.

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