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When you're farming gold, bag spots are immensely important. This is consistantly ignored and underrated. Less trips back to base = more farming, but more importantly, leaving something you can sell on the ground will always equate to lost money. Always.

I highly reccomend that anyone even remotely serious about spending any time at all farming gold invest in a full set of 16 slot bags. Traveller's Backpacks are available in the Auction House for about 15 gold each, and it's very much worth the investment.

It's not enough to have the bags, but you need to have the space. This means stop carrying around useless junk! Spend some time getting your bank cleared out and your bags completely emptied. Everything in your bag slots has to be there for a reason, otherwise bank it, stick it on an alt, or sell it. Travel light and that's more spaces for loot, which means more money.

When you have the space, don't leave anything. Even the most useless items accumulate, and it's easier to loot than it is to leave. The only exception to this is useless/valueless items that don't stack, or drop hugely frequently. Never underestimate the value of 'junk loot' sideeffects to the items you're really farming.

Lastly: get yourself a mod that can tell you the price of each item you loot. This really is important, as if you do have to jetison supplies, you really need to know which.

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