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Welcome to, the complete class infomration resource for the EverQuest Magician class. We have Magician Hunting, Farming, Questing guides and much more. In fact, we have pretty much anything you could need to know about your EverQuest Magician (EQ Mage)!

World of Warcraft Gold (Posted By Anonymous)
- We've added a section on WoW World of Warcraft gold. It includes links to a very good WoW gold price comparison site. See also this World of Warcraft gold study.

Link: World of Warcraft Gold

Pet Zoning CrisisPet Zoning Crisis (Posted By Anidazen)
- I just thought you would all get a laugh out of this article on Norrathian (new humor site, add it to your guild links). Was the pet zoning change really such a good thing? ;) Made me laugh out loud, especially the part about the necros. :)


Discussion: Epic 2Discussion: Epic 2 (Posted By Anidazen)
- What do you think the Magician Epic 2 should be? This is a topic covered extensively elsewhere, but I would like to get people's thoughts here as well, so when Brenlo etc visit this site they have something to read. :)

Link: index2.php?page=epic2talk

All expansions for $29.99?All expansions for $29.99? (Posted By Anidazen)
- EQLive has just announced a new expansion bundle... EverQuest Platinum. Nothing new or surprising there, right? I was thinking, like everyone else I am sure, that it's just another expansion offer, but then I saw the price... $29.99 for EVERY expansion and 30 days subscription. That includes Gates and Planes of Power. You can't argue with that price. Nice one Sony!

Link: index2.php?page=eqplatinum

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